Awards and Recognition:
  1. My paper jointly with Professor Malliaris (Loyola University Chicago): "Computational Issues in The Stochastic Discount Factor Framework for Equity Risk Premium", was recently (9 January 2014) listed on SSRN's Top 10 download for ERN.
  1. My paper jointly with Professor Malliaris (Loyola University of Chicago): "OIL PRICES AND THE IMPACT OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS OF 2007-2009", was recently (27 October 2011) listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for ERN.
  1. Selected for inclusion in the 2010 Edition of “Who's Who in the World”! The inclusion in this exclusive directory distinguishes one as one of the world's foremost achievers in one’s field. Organisation: Marquis Who's Who, 890 Mountain Ave, New Providence, NJ 07974, USA.
  1. Awarded Best Paper at the Global Finance Conference held in Melbourne, April 1-4, 2007. The paper entitled “Return, Volatility Spillovers and Dynamic Correlation in the BRIC Equity Markets: An Analysis using a Bivariate EGARCH Framework” – co-authored with the PhD student.
  1. Received UNSW International Fellowship (Gordon J Samuel) for 2006 for conducting research at the University of Toronto and thus enhance the link between UNSW and the host University in Toronto, Canada.
  1. The College of Experts of the ARC (Australian Research Council) recently nominated me as an ‘Expert of International Standing’ and asked me to assess several ARC DP (Discovery Projects) applications for funding starting in 2006.
  1. The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) recognised my contribution to the field of financial economics and the bilateral relations by offering me the JSPS Fellowship for 2005-6 to advance collaborative research at the Kobe University, Japan.
  1. The book “Empirical Techniques in Finance” published in 2005 has been adopted for postgraduate teaching at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at the New York University.
  1. The book “Hidden Markov Models” published in 2004 has been adopted for postgraduate teaching at the University of Memphis.
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